Freelance Web Services

Web Design

If you currently don't have a website or the one you have is in need of refreshing then I can work with you to deliver a modern website that works across different platforms.

I work with you at the design stage providing layouts for approval until you are happy with the final design. At that stage I then change the design into a working website for testing & evaluation purposes to make sure everything works as you want it, & all the content you want is available as required.

This includes checking the site works properly on mobile, tablet & full-size screens. An important part of modern site design is ensuring that your content is available to users whatever device they are using - I ensure that it is & is presented in the best manner for different devices.

Web Development

I offer all kinds of web development services, from back-end content management systems so you can edit the content of your site whenever needed, to full browser-based office application design.

You may need a simple image gallery or email capture form adding to your site, or you may want a full application developing specific to your business, whatever the need I can advise the best route & help you implement the outcome.

I generally use PHP along with mySQL databases for development work but can code in ASP, JavaScript, HTML, ActionScript, Lingo & other languages as needed.

Kiosk Development

I can use Adobe Flash or HTML5 to make a modern kiosk / touch-screen application to run on either tablet or pc. This can be anything from an information point for visitors to a real estate property search or even a fast-food ordering system - the options are endless & can include video, 3D, music, anything that your shop / business requires.

Agency Development

If you are a designer or a front-end developer who requires somebody to do the back-end work then I can work with you from a drawing - PDF, PSD, AI, JPEG etc. - to create either a working HTML template or a full site from your design.

Web & Email Hosting

We use fast reliable web & email hosting with servers based in Manchester by one of the UK's leading data infrastrucure companies. This means that your site is guaranteed to be online & your email will always work. You can choose between Linux and Windows hosting to tap into the benefits of a number of languages, such as PHP and Perl (Linux), ASP and ASP.NET (Windows) but we also provide Ruby on Rails support if needed.